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Have you gotten lost down the rabbit hole of  recycling revisions or have you tossed your already-published book in a closet or drawer because of marketing frustrations? Do you need help through the publishing haze? We offer one-on-one support to move our authors through all the phases of the writing process.

We care about the quality of your book

Publishing a book is like standing naked in a room full of people. We want you to be in the best  possible shape. We encourage and challenge our authors to write to the best of their abilities. 

The process

Our authors vary in experience. That is why we offer a program designed to fit your writing, publishing, and marketing needs. 

The price

Just have a few writing or publishing questions? $35 for one (1) thirty-minute online meeting or phone call.


Need help meeting a publishing deadline? This program is for advanced authors that are looking to collaborate with an accountability consultant to see them through their revision and publication deadlines. $250 per month to include two (2) one-hour online monthly meetings with additional email support as needed for project management. Three-month minimum required, monthly basis thereafter.


Have a rough draft but don’t know where to go next? $1950 to include one-hour weekly online meetings with additional email support as needed to take your manuscript through the revision process. (Does not include editing.) Four-month time limit for completion of revisions. 


Need help with strategies to write, organize, revise, and publish a novel? $5500 to include one-hour weekly online meetings with additional email support as needed. You put in the time, and we provide the direction to get your manuscript to editing and ready for publication. (Does not include editing or marketing.) Limited spots available. Six-month time limit for completion of writing and revisions, additional charges thereafter.

Have additional questions?

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to publish through your company?

Absolutely not! Writing projects vary as much as our authors. We can help you ready your manuscript for publication elsewhere.

Do you provide editing services?

Ontario Shore Publishing does not provide editing services. We prefer to refer our authors to professional editors.

Does it matter if I write fiction or nonfiction?

Ontario Shore Publishing offers consultation for fiction and nonfiction literature for children and adults.